As a rule, the rolling stock in public transport is written off after several decades, which results in a considerable heterogeneity in the fleets of transport companies. To modernise passenger information systems and to standardise the entire vehicle fleet, existing systems must therefore be upgraded using new, modern components. Experienced partners together with a structured assessment of the existing situation and planning are necessary for such a refit-project. We coordinate each individual step of a refit project closely with the customer, continuously adapt processes and procedures. Modification requests can be re-negotiated should they arise during the active phase. Do you have a current refit project? We can talk about it.

Planning & Conceptual Design

It is always important for us to regard refit-projects from the customer perspective and perform these economically and efficiently. In this, we note with the customer all the requirements for the new passenger information system and define the functions and components to be renovated. We then jointly select the optimum components and determine the quantity structure. It is also essential to make note of the exact position and the special installation features of the components to be replaced. This also includes the planning of the connection of the components and the software modules to the legacy system in all its details. With system purchases, for example, video systems, we can act as general contractor if requested. A project plan with milestones, with time and resource planning is also an integral part of refit projects. The final item in planning and conceptual design is the compilation of the requirement specification. We prepare a scaled tender based on that.

Adaptation Mechanics | Electrics | Hardware | Software

To renovate exactly those components and software modules that are optimum for our customers’ vehicles, we mechanically adapt the refit-material to the installation location. Our designers have long experience in the construction of special components so that the principle “Form-Fit-Function” can be satisfied. The same applies to software modules and the backend or control centre: our developers integrate the software architecture of the legacy system with the new FELA passenger information system and also implement special features from the customer if requested. Our hardware and software developers also program and adapt interfaces to the vehicle bus or data hubs and integrate these into the overall system. The focus is always on customer requirements and the individual adaptation of all systems.

Migration with legacy system

The installation of the components and of the software modules in refit projects is designed similarly to that of new vehicles. The difference is that in refit projects, existing hardware and software must be integrated and docked onto the new system by interface. These interfaces can be programmed by our developers, which guarantees a clean migration with the legacy system. Backward compatibility is an important subject in this context. The FELA team has proficient experts available for the integration of existing hardware and software who, by means of reverse engineering, can connect our product systems to the existing equipment of the customer. There is also a need to plan, with the customer, the transition period in mixed operation and anticipate possible problems (in hardware and software) and to solve these.

Installation | Commissioning

In commissioning, the first vehicle is jointly brought into service in close cooperation as “training-on-the-job”. This takes place according to a defined “script” including forward and backward testing. The aim is to train the customer’s personnel so that subsequent vehicles can be commissioned and tested without the help of the FELA team. All sorts of methods for carrying out the commissioning are possible: the customer might prefer a short training and would like to commission the further vehicles on his own or the FELA team might take on the complete commissioning of all refit vehicles. Any combinations lying between these two are possible and can be contractually laid down in advance. Benefit from our wealth of experience in the refit sector, contact us so that we together can look at your project.

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