Telephone systems | PAN

PAN telephone system

Our passenger information systems network train compositions visually and acoustically. For PAN announcement systems (Phone and Announcement), our passenger information system uses latest-generation POIS audio amplifiers with digital signal transmission.

  • Noise-suppression and interference filters
  • Maximum audio quality
  • Powerful integrated processor
  • Ethernet
  • UIC interface

You and your passengers can therefore be sure that announcements are definitely broadcast in the vehicle compartment and can be clearly understood. Our audio amplifiers are selected individually for each project so that the needs of the customer can be optimally met.

FELA Telephone box

Telephoning via SIP is possible with the FELA telephone box, our rail-approved SIP telephone equipment in the locomotive driver cab and the FELA GSM gateway. SIP is integrated into the GSM gateway. Interfaces to analogue and digital radio are available; interfaces to third-party providers can be made possible. The modularity and the many configuration options of our passenger information system provide transport companies with a great degree of freedom in precisely depicting their specific situation.

  • Automatic messages for the passengers
  • Announcement from the driver to the passengers, either inside and/or outside
  • Cab-to-cab communication
  • Communication with the control centre
  • Communication with activated help call intercom
  • Jukebox function, playing music in the passenger compartment (3.5 mm jack)
  • Connection of various microphones
  • Ring and dial tones are freely selectable
  • Can be adapted for any transport company

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