Here we compile information on our expertise and products in the area of GPS-based information and tracking solutions for local public transport, transport and logistics, as well as answers to the most frequent questions from our customers. Should you have a query that has not been explained here, write to us. We will get in touch with you immediately.

IoT-Tracking (7)

Check if roaming is active on our devices as well as on the SIM cards and if there are problems with the data volume!

Check whether a reader reacts to the driver card! If the system recognises the card, check whether the driver card has been stored with the correct ID! If the driver card is not recognised, it must be replaced.

Check the wiring of your vehicle with our system!

Pull the fuse of the (vehicle) battery and thus force a restart of the complete system!

Short failures are mostly due to lack of radio communication. The device should transmit the collected data shortly. Depending on the settings, the device memory can bridge several days or even weeks in extreme cases.

Contact our support at support@fela.ch and specify your device number(s)!

Make sure that the machine is located in a place with adequate reception. Check that the wiring is correct. If necessary, unplug the machine and plug it in again.

ITCS (7)

We are happy to offer you training at your premises. Please contact us with pleasure.

Adjust the focus to your area via the “Map settings” menu.

This is not yet possible at present. Write us an email to support@fela.ch, we will take care of it for you.

Audio files for announcements must be in wav format.

Yes, write an email to support@fela.ch. We will send it to you with pleasure.

If you are Admin, you can easily create a new user in the user management in POIScentral.

Have your password reset by the POIScentral Admin in your company or by us (support@fela.ch)

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