Technical consulting

We will support you as owner/operator of a transport company by means of technical consulting in all project phases in order to economise on effective time and costs which have an effect later on commissioning and operation. Ideally, the cooperation begins in the pre-phase, for example, in the economic optimisation and the migration of existing and new systems, in the interface concepts and the sizing of customized constructions. We will advise you comprehensively during the selection of suitable products and functionalities, adjusted optimally to your requirements.   Our performance record:

  • Implementing ITCS in transportation companies (EU and CH)
  • Equipping vehicle fleets with tracking solutions
  • Equipping transport associations with ticketing systems

They benefit from:

  • Our long-standing experience in the planning, development and commissioning of projects (ISO certificated)
  • Advice by telephone, email, personally on site

Do you have a specific project that you would like to discuss with us? Please get in touch with us.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us! Our experts will reply within 12 hours

Let’s discuss together how we can move your business forward with FELA’s solutions.

Ralf Spachmann

Your contact around:

  • discuss your use case and business requirements.
  • to show how FELA’s system solutions can improve your current goals.
  • to discover which market trends you should not miss

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