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Our experts will give you valuable information on FELA products and functionalities:   FELA supplies a portfolio with a variety of contents, always matched to your transport company and the current requirements, be it training for maintenance personnel, vehicle drivers or staff in the control centre. Here, training-on-the-job is in the foreground; theory is used as a foundation and is taught step-by-step. We provide general and product-specific training for:

  • Solutions for rail
  • Solutions for the road
  • Tracking solutions

You enable a fast productive start for yourself and your employees; we supply the required expertise. You are then quickly able to direct your systems so that they are adapted to your requirements.

Training for our customers

Comprehensive and professional background knowledge is necessary across all systems – passenger information, control centre, ticketing, maintenance and service – so that a smooth functioning of public transport is possible. We train you in-depth in the areas:

  • Commissioning
  • Installing and updating of software
  • Configuration
  • Functional testing
  • Fault analysis
  • Troubleshooting options
  • Repair and replacement
  • Personnel certification

You and your staff can therefore utilise and optimally use our systems. Would you like more details of our training? Contact us. We will gladly advise you.

Training for FELA partners

The high availability of all components in a transport proposal has the highest priority for transport companies. With our product-specific training, we convey the necessary knowledge to your employees so that they themselves can perform support cases on site up to level 2. In this way, we raise the availability of your range of services to a higher level:

  • Installation and mounting
  • Maintenance
  • Support levels 1 & 2
  • Certification

Are you interested in product-specific training? Contact us, we will be glad to put together training that is optimally tailored to your needs.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us! Our experts will reply within 12 hours

Let’s discuss together how we can move your business forward with FELA’s solutions.

Ralf Spachmann

Your contact around:

  • discuss your use case and business requirements.
  • to show how FELA’s system solutions can improve your current goals.
  • to discover which market trends you should not miss

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