Video surveillance (CCTV)

A video surveillance system or CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system increases security for passengers as well as protection against vandalism. It is now part of the standard repertoire of modern trains. The video system in new vehicles consists as standard of the video surveillance system for the interior with front camera.

Optionally, the system can be expanded to include video rear-view system (DOO) including mirror replacement cameras.

A video surveillance system from FELA is integrated into the train network as an additional system and is thus part of the passenger information system. It delivers up-to-date images to the video system.

To complete the system, FELA also supplies front and rear view cameras for trains and buses to provide additional security for operators, train drivers as well as waiting passengers and passers-by. Furthermore, the video images from the front and side cameras can be used as a live stream on the interior displays.

The associated railway-standard video recorder (DVR) records at least 100 hours of all camera devices and, via a removable hard disk, provides a legally secure data carrier for the authorities in the event of a significant incident.

Qualified for railroad operation

All systems are designed for continuous operation, comply with the legal regulations in the operating area of Switzerland and the European Union as well as for common international regulations.

Passenger information made by FELA

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Monitors, HMIs and front/side indicators

The most obvious part of the passenger information system consists of the optical components. We supply TFT monitors with flexible mounting concept, HMIs for the driver’s stand and the side and front indicators for train and bus.

PAN system (Phone and Announcement)

Acoustic announcements and the provision of emergency intercoms are also part of a passenger information system. We supply all the necessary components, from amplifiers to locomotive driver microphones.

Train Communication System

Our network components provide the necessary train (land) communication. We provide Ethernet switches, routers and antennas for both wired and wireless data transmission inside and outside the vehicle.

Passenger information bei FELA

Our portfolio for passenger information at a glance: from subsystems to software to the sophisticated overall system.

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