Passenger information displays - monitors, HMIs and front/side displays

Digital passenger information systems with corresponding interior displays inform the passenger about the current location and possible delays, as well as connections.

In addition to the TFT monitors for the pearl cord image and possible advertising from partners, the front and side displays of buses and trains also provide the passenger with information about the route and destination.

In order to provide consistent and valid passenger information, a large number of interfaces to on-board computers, driver control terminals (HMI) and data hubs must be operated.

These interfaces and data streams are orchestrated with the help of a central software platform that allows operators to make individual configurations and to collect, manage and evaluate the data from the subsystems in one place.

For this purpose, FELA offers the software POIS for the administration in the backend (POIScentral) and control of the vehicle components (POISmobile).

TFT monitors and monitor mounts: clever space savers

Tft Monitor Bahn Fgi Pis

We adapt our TFT monitors exactly to the customer’s requirements. Currently, types with diagonals of 21.5″, 18.5″ and 15″ are available. The FELA TFT monitor family is equally suitable for bus and train applications and impresses with its robust design and low weight due to the intelligent construction in an aluminum housing.

Retrofitting monitors for passenger information is often a challenge due to limited space or difficult viewing angles from the seats. But even in new vehicles, components must take up as little space and weight as possible.

FELA supports here with clever and individually adapted mounting concepts.

You need more than standard?

FELA also supports you with individual special housing shapes!

HMI control panel: flexible interface in the driver's cab

Specially designed for train applications according to EN 50155, the HMI operating panel offers many advantages:

The reflection-free display is equipped with LED backlighting and is regulated by a light sensor. The HMI control panel can be connected to third-party systems and adapted to the customer’s installation situation.

Front and side indicators: strong luminosity for trains and buses

FELA front and side indicators are bright and robust outdoor displays with LED dot matrix technology for use in rail vehicles and buses.

They are ideal for use in the rail sector, especially due to their robust design, high temperature resistance and long service life.

The high luminosity of the LED dots and the wide range of configuration options are worth highlighting: whether it’s the dimensions, the arrangement of the LED dots or the color of the LEDs, work with our team to define the front and side displays that are right for you.

More from the FELA product range

Video surveillance (CCTV)

Video surveillance systems increase security for passengers and protection against vandalism. FELA also supplies front and rear cameras for trains and buses, providing additional security for operators, train drivers and waiting passengers on the platform.

PAN system (Phone and Announcement)

Acoustic announcements and the provision of emergency intercoms are also part of a passenger information system. We supply all the necessary components, from amplifiers to locomotive driver microphones.

Train Communication System

Our network components provide the necessary train (land) communication. We provide Ethernet switches, routers and antennas for both wired and wireless data transmission inside and outside the vehicle.

Passenger information bei FELA

Our portfolio for passenger information at a glance: from subsystems to software to the sophisticated overall system.

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