PAN system (Phone and Announcement)

In addition to the visual interior and exterior displays of a passenger information system, the acoustic transmission of information is an equally important component of the system.

Announcements of information relevant to the timetable, further connections or delays as well as or for example safety instructions are done via the Phone and Announcement System (PAN). PAN also ensures communication between the driver and the control center or between driver’s cabs.

Emergency call points provide the reverse form of communication, allowing passengers to contact the driver or control center in critical situations. These devices are installed in the passenger compartment and driver’s cab. This allows passengers to make assistance and emergency calls at any time and to contact the driver or the control center.

Passenger information made by FELA

Digitale PAN Audio Ecosystem your connection to the passenger

PAN Server als central switching unit

The FELA PAN server is the central switching unit in the PAN audio system and connects all audio devices in the train: GSM gateway, train radio system, emergency call stations, PSI and digital audio amplifier ACA 2201. Our PAN server handles the switching of digital calls for the various audio use cases: Passenger emergency calls, train driver announcements, station announcements from the passenger information system and the playback of predefined special messages.


PAN advantages: The resource-saving programmed software works on every server in the train. There is no need for a separate computer or special software due to virtualization on different instances and low memory requirements.

The software consists of the audio part of the complete PIS with FELA POIScentral (administration in the backend, control center) and POISmobile (operation in the frontend, vehicle).

Digital PAN Audio Ecosystem from FELA

Digital audio amplifiers: guaranteed clearly understandable announcements

For announcements of information relevant to the timetable and communication via emergency intercoms, it is essential that your passengers can rely on information being conveyed in a clearly understandable manner.

In both cases, it is essential that your passengers can rely on clearly understandable announcements. For this purpose, FELA’s passenger information system uses the latest generation of audio amplifiers with digital signal transmission. We select them individually for each customer requirement, which enables us to guarantee optimum acoustics in your vehicles.

Intercom stations: reliable communication in an emergency

FELA telephone box: flexible driver communication

All announcements are transmitted via the telephone box. This applies to all automatic announcements as well as all real-time announcements of the train driver (optionally inside or outside). Furthermore, the driver can communicate via the telephone box with the control center or, in an emergency, with an activated auxiliary station. By means of a continuous cab-to-cab function, flexible communication is also possible in the event of a change of locomotive driver or during journeys in mixed or multiple traction.   The FELA telephone box uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) telephony for voice connections and announcements. Calls to an external control center are realized by means of a GSM gateway. Interfaces to analog and digital radio are integrated as standard. Further interfaces to third-party providers can be added on request. Due to the modularity and the different configurations of our passenger information system, we can precisely map specific situations of the transport companies. The FELA telephone box is of course approved for railroad operation.
FELA Telefonbox

VoIP Passenger Intercom: Emergency communication

FELA Notruf

FELA passenger call stations are VoIP-enabled call stations for SIP applications in public transport.

Our call stations offer emergency call stations (NRSS) with green button according to TSI-PRM standard for emergency call purposes and help call stations (HRSS) with yellow button. Their full-duplex mode enables high communication quality and thus safe support of the passenger in case of an emergency. Identical in design, but with a different layout, the call stations are used for both emergency and help calls at the wheelchair station.

The IP interface guarantees the highest audio quality when integrated into SIP-compatible telephone systems. The power supply via PoE minimizes the cabling effort and thus your installation costs.

The FELA emergency call stations comply with all European directives required for operation in public transport (TSI PRM) as well as other European standards and Swiss directives (handicapped accessible) and are protected against vandalism by their robust design.

More from the FELA product range

Monitors, HMIs and front/side indicators

The most obvious part of the passenger information system consists of the optical components. We supply TFT monitors with flexible mounting concept, HMIs for the driver’s stand and the side and front indicators for train and bus.


Video surveillance systems increase security for passengers and protection against vandalism. FELA also supplies front and rear cameras for trains and buses, providing additional security for operators, engineer train drivers and waiting passengers on the platform.

Train Communication System

Our network components provide the necessary train (land) communication. We provide Ethernet switches, routers and antennas for both wired and wireless data transmission inside and outside the vehicle.

Passenger information bei FELA

Our portfolio for passenger information at a glance: from subsystems to software to the sophisticated overall system.

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