Ticket vending machines and POS solutions from FELA mean: maximum flexibility, innovative ideas and a portfolio where you get everything from a single source. We create individual and scalable solutions for you that fit your system and your situation.

FELA Ticketing: From ticket vending machines to on-board computers

Point-of-sale systems and ticket vending machines for public transport have long been more than just ticket vending machines.

They are part of a digital communication network and provide passengers, drivers and operators with added value in terms of efficiency and convenience.

FELA’s IT systems for integrating POS systems and ticket vending machines are perfectly coordinated.

They perform a wide range of functions or even function as a complete on-board computer that links the passenger information system with the ticketing application.

Ticket vending machines and POS solutions for public transport, cable cars, ships or bus stops

FELA offers mobile as well as stationary ticket vending machines, cash register systems, fare management with machines according to S-POS and M-standard, driver as well as counter sales according to S-POS C- and CS-standard, ITCS-systems according to VDV-standards, up to passenger information solutions (PIS) and matching software packages with individual user management.

Ticket vending machines mobile | stationary

Mobile or stationary is no contradiction with our ticketing systems. FELA ticket vending machines are permanently installed at a station or stop, or they issue tickets installed in the vehicle. Our ticket vending machines are well prepared for future developments in e-ticketing and cashless payment.
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Mobile | stationary ticket vending systems

In the cramped driver's compartment, the available space must be used as effectively as possible. In addition to compact and robust design, our S-POS C/CS POS systems offer easy operation and convenience for the bus driver: ticket sales, driver terminal for the operations control system as well as control unit for passenger information systems - one display, multiple applications.
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Ticketing innerhalb des Fahrgastinformationssystem

Ticketing within the passenger information system

In addition to their main function as ticketing systems, FELA POS systems also function as on-board computers and thus supply the passenger information system with data. The POS display is used to control the passenger information system. This is made possible by merging the two in-house developed software components EasyDrive (ticketing) and POIS (passenger information).
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Ticket vending machines for cashless payment and e-ticketing

E-tickets are increasingly replacing conventional tickets. We are seeing a wide spread of paperless e-tickets in public transport. Transport companies would do well to incorporate the topic of e-ticketing into their marketing concept. In addition, cashless payment is now expected as a basic requirement.

For mobile use: FELA Ticket vending machine TVM


The FELA TVM (Ticket Vending Machine) is a compact ticket vending machine. It is especially suitable for buses, streetcars, ships or cable cars.

There, it is permanently installed on the existing stop bars or used by the staff as a mobile handheld device. On both the software and interface sides, the ticket vending machine is prepared for cashless and paperless functions.

It has two RFID readers for credit cards or customer cards, a barcode scanner for SwissPass control, for example, a touch screen in smartphone standard, and a ticket dispenser. The latter can also be retrofitted at a later date.

Thanks to the flexible mounting system, the ticket vending machines quickly find their place in different installation situations. Quick-locking systems with floating connectors, additionally secured with a lock, facilitate installation.

The EasyDrive software used by TVM offers many different functions for ticket sales. These are for example:

FELA Ticket Vending Machine
FELA Ticket Vending Machine
FELA Ticketautomat

Stationary ticket vending machines: S-POS-M and S-POS M Piccolo

Our two ticket vending machines, S-POS-M and S-POS M Piccolo, are available for stationary use at stations and stops. The ticket vending machines are characterized by a high degree of user- and service-friendliness, meet the requirements for a handicapped-accessible design and are optimally protected against vandalism.

In daily use, the fail-safe ticket vending machines prove their high reliability.

Thanks to the robust, bright 15″ touch screen and the automatic brightness control, your customer reads information optimally even in adverse weather conditions. With additional RFID, audio and video modules, further customer-friendly functions can be integrated.

FELA Ticket Vending Machine S-POS M

FELA ticket vending machine S-POS M Piccolo

It is our ambition to develop the solution you need together with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for special requests!

Flexible POS solutions for ticket sales in the driver's cab

POS solutions for the driver in buses, ships or streetcars are a central component of every fleet. They must be compact enough to adapt to any installation situation, offer individual programming options for different sales scenarios, and ensure optimum readability on the touchscreen in different lighting conditions.

In addition to its compact and robust design, the simple operation of the FELA FSD6 driver vending device offers maximum convenience for the driver: ticket vending, driver terminal for the operations control system, and control unit for passenger information systems.
It is equipped with an RFID card reader for customer cards and chauffeur registration, optional barcode scanner and fast printer with easy paper change. An external printer can be connected for multi-ride cards as well as credit or debit card payment terminals.
Our driver vending device is equipped with a GPS module and antenna to continuously record and document the vehicle’s position in real time.

Ticket sales to on-board computer - ticketing within the passenger information system

As flexible as our ticket vending machines are, our POS systems can also be expanded to include intelligent functions. In addition to their main function as ticketing machines or systems, they can also function as on-board computers, thus supplying the passenger information system with data. This data is recorded in the POS system and transmitted to connected systems. The driver controls both applications quickly and easily via the POS display.

The EasyDrive software module delivers the data from the POS systems to the backend. There, they are available for further processing in other functions such as passenger information via the interface to the POIS software module for passenger information. In this way, FELA combines the EasyDrive and POIS software modules into a networked system that can be centrally controlled and managed via backend access.

EasyDrive - Software for ticket office and ticket vending machines

Web-based ticketing software

EasyDrive is the ticketing software solution for transportation companies based on modern web technologies.The intuitive web-based user interface can be operated by any device with internet access: desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

Many functions - one interface

EasyDrive combines under one common interface various functions for planning, managing and handling the operational business of a ticketing application with cash desk and or ticket vending machines.

Tailor-made through function modules

The flexibly combinable modules of the EasyDrive software allow an individual configuration and selection of exactly those functions that are required for your application.

Know-how and advice from experts

For initial set-up and implementation of required master data according to recommended standards, our experts at FELA are always at your side with advice and support.

Your advantages with cash registers and ticket vending machines from FELA:

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