Train Communication Network

Modern passenger information systems must always be networked and communicate with both the train and the landside in order to match timetable data with ACTUAL data from the vehicles. Such systems include a large number of components that are in constant exchange with each other and must be perfectly coordinated.

This applies to all front and side displays as well as interior displays, which show both the current position and upcoming stations with their travel times as a pearl cord graph. Furthermore, position-dependent audio communication and live announcements of the train driver as well as the connection of the emergency call system are added. It is not uncommon for video surveillance systems and advertising content to be connected to the network as well.

The train communication network (ZuKo) is the comfort network in the vehicle and connects all these subsystems for passenger information. In order to be able to continue communicating with the vehicle in the event of a failure, the ZuKo has a redundant design.

If the same or different vehicle types are to exchange information with each other using different communication protocols in multiple or mixed tractions, this is ensured by means of dynamic coupling of the respective ZuKo networks.

Network switches: optimally connected for fail-safe passenger information

Our EN 50155-compliant network switches connect all subsystems of the passenger information system (displays, audio/video system). The switches are designed for use in harsh environments and ensure reliable and secure vehicle networks.

Due to the modularity of numerous configurations of the FELA passenger information system, FELA always delivers custom-fit solutions according to the specific situations of the transport companies. Third-party communication systems are integrated into the system via defined interfaces for this purpose.

Combine ticketing and passenger information?

FELA Gateway: wireless data transmission for train and train/shore communication

Gateway fgi pis

The FELA Gateway provides wireless networking and Internet access within the vehicle. It integrates a WLAN access point as well as interfaces for applications such as remote access, data acquisition and passenger information.

Multiple LTE or UMTS modules, the dual-SIM function and the sophisticated WAN link manager provide high availability of network connections even between multiple network operators. With port-based VLAN, the gateway separates the networks and provides dedicated communication paths for different applications.

The router is certified for operation under harsh environmental conditions according to EN 50155 and complies with the fire protection standard EN 45545.

More from the FELA product range

Monitors, HMIs and front/side indicators

The most obvious part of the passenger information system consists of the optical components. We supply TFT monitors with flexible mounting concept, HMIs for the driver’s stand and the side and front indicators for train and bus.

PAN system (Phone and Announcement)

Acoustic announcements and the provision of emergency intercoms are also part of a passenger information system. We supply all the necessary components, from amplifiers to locomotive driver microphones.

Video surveillance (CCTV)

Video surveillance systems increase security for passengers and protection against vandalism. FELA also supplies front and rear cameras for trains and buses, providing additional security for operators, train drivers and waiting passengers on the platform.

Passenger information bei FELA

Our portfolio for passenger information at a glance: from subsystems to software to the sophisticated overall system.

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