POIScentral and POISmobile: Software for Passenger Information Systems


The software solution POIS was developed especially for passenger information systems and consists of POIScentral (administration in the backend, control center) and POISmobile (operation in the frontend, vehicle).

The functional scope of POIS can be individually combined by means of flexible software modules, depending on the specific project requirements. They include functions regarding data import/export, operability HMI, control of sub-systems such as audio or video or provide automatic software updates.

The software is designed to also control possible ticketing and point-of-sale systems through the passenger information system. In doing so, the POIS software modules for the passenger information system merge with our EasyDrive software for cash register applications.

POIScentral - Administration of the Backend

With the help of POIScentral, the center of the POIS software modules, the user gets access to the user interface (WebGUI). Here the AVLC is controlled and data for all system functions and components is maintained. In addition, POIScentral performs calculation, control and communication tasks, such as calculating the schedule deviation of vehicles in real time, controlling and handling communication with them, statistical functions.

The operating functions of the control center of POIScentral are grouped into different program modules (adapted to the user groups):

Combine ticketing and passenger information?

POISmobile - Control of Vehicle Components

Kachel Pois Mobile Innenraum

The POISmobile software module controls the on-board components and services of the passenger information system or control system.

In particular, it includes the on-board computer with its control functions in the vehicle, as well as its control unit.

Moreover,also all other subsystems that are influenced by the on-board computer and can originate from FELA are integrated, such as exterior and interior displays, TFT monitors, and acoustic passenger information.

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Monitors, HMIs and front/side indicators

The most obvious part of the passenger information system consists of the optical components. We supply TFT monitors with flexible mounting concept, HMIs for the driver’s stand and the side and front indicators for train and bus.

PAN system (Phone and Announcement)

Acoustic announcements and the provision of emergency intercoms are also part of a passenger information system. We supply all the necessary components, from amplifiers to locomotive driver microphones.

Video surveillance (CCTV)

Video surveillance systems increase security for passengers and protection against vandalism. FELA also supplies front and rear cameras for trains and buses, providing additional security for operators, train drivers and waiting passengers on the platform.

Passenger information bei FELA

Our portfolio for passenger information at a glance: from subsystems to software to the sophisticated overall system.

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