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Whether in transportation, construction, agriculture, waste management or logistics, companies are under continuous pressure to optimize. With Smart Mobility, you acquire the data you need to ensure transportation is on schedule across local or global supply chains. For companies with moving goods, Smart Mobility systems monitor and secure goods, control transport routes and analyze fleet efficiency.


Detecting improper machine operation to reduce repair costs
Creating a recommendation on the use of vehicles of different drive types, depending on the area of operation
Generate usage profiles on rental vehicles and trailers for predictive maintenance and invoicing
Save fuel through data analysis of operating conditions
Provide evidence of routes, load securing, cold chain

Why FELA for Smart Mobility?

FELA works together with you to develop individual solutions that fit your company and highlight the respective savings potential.

Our service packages include not only the pure hardware and installation.

We analyze the data obtained and provide clear recommendations for action for your application in regular reports.

Depending on the requirements, we jointly define the selection of the appropriate hardware or software and reporting scope.

Our claim:

Efficient Smart Mobility with a guarantee of success, regardless of the industry.

Smart Mobility advantages

IoT tracking, IoT asset tracking or even GPS tracking: they all describe the possibility of tracking goods or vehicles via mobile data networks. Just as in the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) all devices, for example in a private household or a smart manufacturing plant, are networked and can be controlled remotely, this technological advance also supports modern logistics and goods manufacturing.

Whether you are shipping goods or additionally producing goods with the help of mobile machines, as in agriculture: with IoT tracking and the analysis of the collected data, you increase the efficiency of your production or transport routes. The benefits of IoT tracking are therefore clear.

FELA Smart Mobility: functional overview

For IoT tracking, goods or vehicles to be monitored are equipped with GPS trackers. These record the respective position and transmit it to the central CarLoc server. The connection to existing third-party sensors and on-board units (OBU) further expands the database and enables additional insights, for example, into tank levels, speed and temperature (optional). OBUs equipped with a SIM card serve as field gateways and transmit the collected data via a public GSM network.

From the central server, the data is uploaded via a secure connection to the FELA cloud, where it is stored and further processed. With the CarLoc client portal, all data is monitored, managed and analyzed. The flexible user administration offers different views and rules for different roles.

FELA Smart Mobility: client portal

When developing our CarLoc client portal, we placed emphasis on easy and clear operation. You can access your data worldwide via web access. Flexible user management enables dedicated rights management and customizable dashboards for different user groups.

Working together for success: Smart Mobility with FELA

The initial setup of an IoT tracking system raises many questions at the beginning.

We support you in creating and selecting the relevant data and dashboards. Furthermore, we take over the evaluation of the data and recommend further steps to optimize your fleet or transport routes. At the end of a project, we offer staff training to ensure safe and independent use of the software.

Functions CarLoc customer portal


The monitoring dashboard monitors objects and vehicles in real time. The focus is on critical behavior and norm deviations. Typical live events are: Vehicle position change, ignition, panic button triggering, or mileage traveled while driving.


Get regular (day, week, month) reports, efficiency insights, maintenance status, and custom queries - on demand as an additional service with FELA recommended action or on your own.


Currently under development. Take charge of organizing fleets, tours, driver communication or plan optimal routes.

User management

Create templates and customize views for different user roles. The simple web interface allows access from anywhere.

The hardware IoT tracker for rail and road.

Our Smart Mobility solutions are suitable for different applications. Hardware and software are matched by us to your requirements in the best possible way.

Product features

Smart Mobility with FELA: Your advantages

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