NOVA contains all central elements for the sale of public transport services.

  • The imported network and timetable data of all transportation companies from INFO+
  • All public transport ranges of products, application areas and fare conditions
  • Accounting principles that ensure the distribution of income and costs over the participating and entitled transport companies
  • The SwissPass data incl. the existing public transport services on it
  • All necessary data for the checks in the vehicles
  • Public transport reporting


ZPS-NOVA covers all uses from the price query via the purchase/sale up to checking. The transport companies can link their sales systems (ticket counter software, ticket vending devices, apps etc.) via interfaces using NOVA.

With the FELA ticketing and point of sale systems, it is also possible to work offline without network or WLAN link, depending on the configuration. Short-term interruptions are bridged. A GSM link is not necessary for the FELA point-of-sale system as long as WLAN is permanently available.

The FELA ticketing and point of sale systems fulfil all requirements of ZPS-NOVA.

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