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EasyDriveMobile is the FELA POS application with the following product features:

  • Configuration updating
  • Customer-specific adaptation
  • Operating system (Yocto Linux)
  • Multilingual: German, French, Italian
  • Cross-border transport possible, currency can be switched, prices and routes can be updated via backend
  • All software components, on all points of sale in the fleet are managed from the backend (EasyDriveCentral).
  • Vehicle identification by coding in the fixed mounting plate

Do you have a bus company and would like to see a demonstration of our EasyDriveMobile POS application?

  • Route
  • Prices
  • Carriage routes
  • Fares
  • Special products can be updated (bicycle also taken, large luggage item etc.)
  • Exchange rates
  • Print layouts for internal printer and external multiple ticket printer
  • Data synchronisation
    • can also be triggered on request
    • always at “ignition off” and at cash balance
    • 2 variants: via GSM modem or LTE/4G or via WLAN depot server infrastructure time-shifted synchronisation is possible, freely definable in the backend (EasyDriveCentral), cash management (balance of account)
  • Closing document can be printed using integrated printer
  • Withdrawal amount freely selectable, automatically taken into account in balance of account
  • The cash register can be removed from the vehicle after the cash balance
  • Layout of the sales view of the point of sale can be configured in the backend (EasyDriveCentral)
  • Favourite management of direct driver viewing
  • String of pearl function synchronises the position at the way station zones via GPS
  • Punctuality monitoring using matching position of the vehicle in the route with real-time data/position indication via the GPS in the point of sale
  • Snap function can be activated if earliness or lateness is too great: Opening of the front bus door in the way station circle -> EasyDriveMobile “knows” the current position again
  • Point of departure for ticket sale can be changed
  • Ticket canceller
  • Way station display (interface to passenger information system)
  • Loudspeaker control via line output (interface to passenger information system)
  • Route spider
  • Crackdown function deactivates ticket canceller

EasyDriveCentral est un backend complet multi-clients pour les systèmes de billetterie.

EasyDriveCentral is a comprehensive multi-client capable backend for ticketing systems. Developed for the Swiss market, it covers the requirements from small transport companies with few vehicles up to large associations. EasyDriveCentral requires only a web browser and supports all common standards. The backend provides a system for all sales channels:

  • Driver
  • Kiosk
  • Ticket vending machine
  • Internet

For this backend, we bundle tailor-made offers for support, repair and maintenance for you.

Find out about the benefits of EasyDriveCentral backends for ticketing systems. Do you have a specific project that you would like to look at with us?

  • Import of: Way stations, routes, detours, day tickets, timetable etc.
  • Operational master data: Vehicles, drivers, personnel, equipment
  • Import connection list: Zones, localities (incl. reference way stations), fare tables, route triangles
  • Import DV fares: DaX (SBB), ZPS-NOVA
  • Editors in the web GUI: Layouts, fare tables, distance triangle, sales groups, passenger categories, classes, fare duration, sales periods, sales time-window within the course of a day, aggregated triangles, clients, rights, currencies (exchange rates), quick-selector button for driver ticket sale machines S-POS C/CS acc. to routes and for ticket vending machines acc. to location, menu tree on front-end devices for “other products”
  • System monitoring: Server, database, IT components etc.
  • Event display and acknowledgement for ticket vending machines (conditions, alarms)
  • Monitoring of sales completeness
  • Monitoring of version statuses
  • Monitoring of the operational conditions of the sales equipment
  • Monitoring DAX/ZPS-NOVA processing
  • Automatic distribution of new software versions on points of sale and ticket vending machines
    Distribution of advertisements on ticket vending machines
  • Report generator with approx. 40 different reports
  • with numerous breakdowns and selection criteria
  • Preparation and creation for association accounting
  • DV accounting (DAX/ZPS-NOVA)
  • In-house fare sales
  • Driver accounting incl. debt collection
  • ERS post in-payments from drivers (pay-in slip with reference number), separately for CHF and EUR cash incomes as well as
    Vouchers and coupons
  • Cashless sales (payment terminal)
  • Period setting up with revision-proof sales period balance
  • S-POS C: Cellular (3G/4G) or WLAN via depot server
  • S-POS CS: Cellular (3G/4G) or internet
  • S-POS M: Cellular (3G/4G) or fixed connection ADSL, fibreglass (variants)
  • Parallel editability for any number of fare and timetable data versions
  • Secure approval procedure for new fare versions
  • Test and release approvals
  • Association range of products: Single ticket, motor vehicle inspection, change of class, zone connection, season tickets with basic card number, group ticket, short stretches, event tickets
  • National transport: T600 (normal ticket), T600.7 (city tickets, city-city tickets), T652 (motor vehicle inspection), day tickets (day class change, multi-day class change, multi-day tickets, 9 am day-ticket, multi-9 am day ticket, multi-9 am day class change, bicycle day-ticket, dog day-tickets etc.)
    Professionally responsible person tickets
  • In-house fares: According to stretch or fixed-price item, luggage transport, tourist special offers, P+R tickets, season tickets, mountain railway tickets, group ticket, night tickets, coupons, alpine tickets, combi-tickets (ski day-ticket), event tickets, shop items
  • Specialities: Cross-border tickets, with differing VAT, with item-specific EUR fares, tickets with mixed Swiss-foreign fares
  • Completely integrated RFID card system with bonus function (customer discount), multi-trip function, closed payment system on RFID basis with offline-capable wallet, blacklisting of cards, card issuing (in self-service at ticket vending machines or from the driver or in the advance booking office), personal and non-personal cards, storage of season tickets and motor vehicle inspections on the card
  • API for webshop for the easiest integration of a webshop on another website (e.g. company website)
  • All sales channels are “offline” capable
  • Driver ticket sale devices: RFID (closed payment system), cash (CHF/EUR), Railcheck, Rail Bon, REKA, payment terminal, all “major brands”, Twint, mixed payments, operation-specific vouchers or coupons, taking return rules into account, display of change money with EUR payments or overpayments
  • Ticket vending machine (depending on facilities): “Da Vinci” payment terminal, all “major brands”, Twint. Notes, coins
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